Dear Gorman:

I love you, but it’s not working. Which is why I’m leaving you.

The link between ethical policy and its actual implementation in the industry, is a very blurred and unsure one. Here’s how we promote greater transparency in the supply chain.

Zeitgeist x Embellished Talk

A bit of experience in the retail industry for brands that are pretty high up there in the world of bright lights and fast-fashion opened my eyes up to the elements of the industry that we don’t often see in-store, online, or on the price tag of a garment. I started looking more closely at the clothes I was buying and where they were coming from, as well as watching documentaries and reading up on the fast-fashion industry. And it is pretty ugly stuff.

Conscious Wardrobe X Ethically Engaged Interview

The items of clothing we wear have a history behind them, from the people that made them to the environmental impact of production. By showing brands and other individuals that you stand for good quality clothing, created under fair circumstances for the people that make them, and low impact on the environment, you create a political statement through your clothing.

Why I am not entertaining the cataclysmic event that is Boxing Day sales madness this year

First came the onslaughts of advertisements for Black Friday. Then an influx of ‘Cyber Monday’ emails to my inbox. These sales extended for “one day only”.  Then another, and another. And leading up to Christmas, these sales are still persisting. These pervasive sales are marketed as designed to “help you save”, which leads me to wonder why […]